Our Vision

A brief introduction of Urbanalytica

Urban Data for better solutions

A great share of urban areas around the globe is in need of equilibrium and resilience.

Thanks to emerging technologies diverse urban challenges are being tackled, resulting in smarter cities and communities. By bringing the Data Science methodology into Urban Planning, we are able to elaborate more accurate visualizations and strategies.

We strongly believe that data-driven analysis can lead to Sustainable Urban Planning practices. The process starts by identifying relevant questions, searching for quality data, and processing this information into powerful visualizations.

“We envision data-driven storytelling as a powerful tool for visualizing urban dynamics and providing better solutions”

The team

María José Jiménez

Maria is best described as someone pragmatic, curious, and eager to learn every day. Her studies in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Policies are key assets for UA‘s projects.

She envisions a better future for all urban dwellers. Her strong technical skills, her interest in city dynamics and in transportation topics are a central part of her work in UA.

Ariela Valverde

Ariela has a background in Architecture and Urban Planning Policies, reflected in her strong analytical skills. Her passion for sustainable development topics is a core area of her work in UA.

One of her main aims is to visualize urban dynamics through data-driven storytelling. Her strong interest in resilient and smart solutions can be reflected in UA‘s vision.