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María José Jiménez

Maria is a Civil Engineer from Costa Rica and MSc. in Urban Planning and Policy Design from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She has worked for different academic entities affiliated to the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Costa Rica and with the private sector, thus gaining experience in the areas of transportation, municipal management and territorial planning. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the University School for Advanced Studies of Pavia, where she specializes in the exploration, analysis and mapping of satellite data, with special focus in radar and optical data. Her main interests include the use of Remote Sensing techniques in agricultural and urban landscapes.

E: mariajose@urbanalytica.org

Ariela Valverde

Ariela is a Costa Rican Architect and Urban Planner with a MSc. in Urban Planning and Policy Design held at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her professional experience has been developed in local and multinational firms in her home country and in Milan, where she continues to develop her career. Coming from a country with a recognized trajectory in Sustainable Development, motivated her to focus her academic and professional practice towards this scope of work. Ariela was recently selected as a 2021 Climate Ambassador by the Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN) from the World Bank Group, to develop a position paper on Smart and Sustainable cities. Her current practice area focuses on sustainable urban development and urban innovation, with a special emphasis on gender-inclusive strategies and urban health.

E: ariela@urbanalytica.org



Israa Mahmoud

PhD. Urban Planning, experienced researcher, architect

Alejandro Tristán

Mechanical Engineer, Researcher in Renewable Energies and PhD student

Antonela Sborlini
Architect, MSc. Planning and Urban Policies, Transport & Mobility consultant

Natalia Duarte

Musician, Msc. teacher and BA in Anthropology

Denis Gutiérrez
Civil Engineer and university professor

Valeria Bernal

Consultant at BID, Architect and Msc. Urban Planning

Maria Jimena Jurado

Gender and Climate Change Specialist UN Environment Program

Daniela Baena
Environmental Engineer, specialist in mining energy law and sustainable development
Parul Sharma
Founder and CEO of City Scanner, Urban Designer at UN-Habitat

Thein Manimekalai Sowrirajan

Urban Planner, Architect and Social Entrepreneur

CEO of Non Urbanism

Juliana Vargas
Architect and MSc. Urban Design


Museo Indígena Contemporáneo


Non Urbanism

Foundation and Social Movement


Urban AI
Think Tank and multidisciplinary international research hub
Climate Ambassador Program
World Bank Group’s Youth Climate Network
Her City
Joint initiative of UN-Habitat and the independent Think Tank Global Utmaning

World Data League

International non-profit competition