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Urban Planning & Sustainable Development

Cities and communities around the world are facing constant challenges that evidence the importance of sustainable urban planning practices. Thus, we are in a phase of constant innovation, with the emergence of new technologies, tools, and urban strategies. Before exploring the direction our cities are taking, it is worth reviewing: what do we understand by Sustainable Urban Planning, why it is key to our quality of life, and what can we do to be part of this change?

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Data-driven Sustainable Urban Planning

With examples and case studies, Ariela gives an overview of the main challenges that the urban planning discipline currently experience regarding the new wave of digital technologies that have become available to us in the last 20 years.

She explains concepts such as Big data and Open data and their applications in the urban realm, along with the risks and ethic debates that their use has brough in recent years.

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Knowledge-Sharing Platform of Nature Based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have proven to be powerful tools to address climate change effects in urbanized areas. Nonetheless, it was the current global crisis that brought attention to why these practices are crucial to foster equilibrium in human settlements. There is strong scientific evidence on their benefits within the environmental, public health, and socioeconomic spheres.

But how can we develop feasible and replicable local strategies aligned within a global urban agenda, especially in the Latin American region where there is a lack of data, resources, and technological tools?

This is an opportunity for open collaboration, through the proposal of an International Knowledge-Sharing Platform of NBS.

Visual Lab

Where Urban Planning meets Data Science

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